Kobe Bryant’s NBA career analysis

Team members: Vipul Munot Anirudh Murlidhar Siddharth Jayasankar


Nowadays big data is being used in almost all the domains. Sports informatics and analytics is also venturing into big data to perform in-depth analysis in order to come up with better strategies and team composition. Through this project we would like to would wanted to explore how useful effective visualization of data regarding player’s performance could help develop better strategies and also help the player become better at the sport.


The aim of this project is to analyze the career of basketball player Kobe Bryant by producing high quality visualizations. This project explores the use of innovative visualizations for the sport facilitating effective analysis of basketball players .

Research Questions

Did Kobe perform better during clutch time? Kobe's average field goal rate is 0.447

Bryant's Accuracy Trend Analysis

Shots Attempted throughtout the game for his whole career.

Shot distance across all seasons

Predictive Model